We offer a wide variety of services:
   •  We offer support for Microsoft Windows-based systems (Supported Operating Systems are: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10)
   •  Personal Computer Support
   •  Windows Setup
   •  Security on Windows based systems. (Software Based)
   •  Virus and Malware removal
   •  Computer cleaning/maintenance. (Software based)
   •  Home Connectivity Setup. (ADSL and Printers(LAN))
   •  Connectivity Recommendations. (Internet Service Providers)
   •  Supply various hardware and software Products (on demand)
   •  Minor data recovery... (Deleted and/or formatted data only.) (Details regarding data recovery must be discussed beforehand)
   •  Sensitive data removal (unrecoverable)
   •  Sensitive data protection (Encryption products (setup and configuring))
   •  Laptop: Hard Disk Drives/Solid State Drives and memory(RAM) upgrades
   •  We can also build a stand-alone desktop computer (For work or gaming purposes)
   •  VPN (Recommendation and setup)
   •  General enquiry (Personalised support)
Computer cleaning and maintenance

We will be the first to tell you that there is no program that you can download that will magically make your computer run faster; as advertised online. There are however a few select programs we have tested extensively. These programs can be used for maintenance and to optimize your computer to perform at its peak with regards to its hardware capabilities.
(This is regarded as a cheaper alternative for performance increase than hardware upgrades.)
Computer security implementations

With the implementation of our security packages we focus on protection from: Viruses, malware, adware, spyware, MITM (Man-in-the-middle attacks), Ransomware, hacking, key loggers and overall online presence spying.

(With regards to certain products used: there are free and paid solutions, for instance, Internet Security Suites. We will however discuss this with you and see if it is necessary for the level of security wanted or needed. Additional costs may apply.)
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